What Others Say about JD’s Hands M4M Massage

Besides enjoying giving massage, I enjoy the compliments men often give me for my work. I’ve begun to collect some of their written remarks here, partly to encourage other men who are considering massage, and partly to remind myself of men’s appreciation.

I awoke and had the most relaxed feeling all over, which has continued today. …I wish I were still in town, as I would so get another one tonight. —B.L., November 30, 2017

You are incredibly gifted. —G.G., November 26, 2017

Thank you. —B.C., November 20, 2017

By the way great massage and conversation Friday. —R.B., November 19, 2017

Best massage I’ve had! Incredible touch. —S., November 17, 2017

These are some kind remarks I’ve found and collected from messages I received long before I started this page:

Just truly enjoy your massages. Will reach out if in area again. —P., December 9, 2016

Thanks for a great massage last night. Hope to catch you again in the winter! Cheers…. —A.P., August 9, 2016

Thank you. I’m still floating. —D.K., July 20, 2016