Self-Consciousness When Thinking of Massage

I worry that some men miss an opportunity to enjoy massage, or that they put off asking for one indefinitely, because they feel self-conscious about some aspect of their appearance. Some men, when they first ask me about massage,  offer me a description of themselves, giving me “stats” such as their age and weight. They even ask sometimes, “Is that okay?” I always reply, “Yes, it’s fine.” And sometimes, to help to put someone more at ease, I tell him that the oldest man to whom I’ve ever given massage is in his mid-eighties, and the heaviest man to whom I’ve ever given massage weighed 460 lbs. I serve many men for whom working at a desk or frequent traveling has made it difficult to keep weight in check. It’s all right; in fact, it’s more than all right. Men who have held heavy responsibility for decades deserve a good massage as much as any athlete, and I enjoy serving you. Here, have a massage.