CWL New Orleans, January 2018

With 8,000 people expected for the Call of Duty World League games in New Orleans, I figure at least eight of you gamers and organizers will want a massage guy to rub your muscles while you’re “off Duty.” I serve men, 18 and up, of all body types. Check out my page at MasseurFinder for male massage in New Orleans, and then send me a text message at the number on the page to ask questions or make plans. To schedule with you, I’ll need only basic information: your first name, the day and time you’d like massage, whether you’re staying at the Omni, the Hilton, or someplace else, and (eventually) your room number. Massage will be a good way for you to take a break from the action and go back to the game feeling refreshed.

Massage at the Offense-Defense Bowl 2017

Men visiting New Orleans for the 12th Annual Offense-Defense All-American Bowl, and who want to take a break for a relaxing massage, please visit my page at MasseurFinder for male massage for men in New Orleans. I give massage to men (over 18 years) of every body type and race, in the comfort and seclusion of your own room. My contact information for text messages and email are on my page. If you like, send me a message, let me answer your questions, and let’s plan ahead.


I was in Lafayette on Friday and Saturday, Baton Rouge and Hammond on Sunday, and New Orleans on Monday. I expect to be New Orleans tomorrow (Wednesday) and again on Thursday. Right now, I just take a request in a particular city and then look for other opportunities for service in the same city.

If I had easy access to an inexpensive place to stay in a given city, I think I would plan trips of maybe two or three days and announce them ahead of time. To make a circuit of all four cities every few days might be best of all, although many things would have to come together for that work.