Does Anything Keep You from Requesting Massage?

When you think of requesting massage, does anything at all hold you back? One thing that may help is to really read my one-page summary about me and my massage service for men, because it’s filled with information that may resolve your concern. You’re also welcome to tell me about whatever has kept you from requesting massage, either in the comments to this post or by email via MasseurFinder.  Maybe we’ll solve a problem, or maybe I’ll learn something from you that will help me to reach and serve more men who need massage.

Afternoon Massage

I’m most available to give massage in the afternoon and evening and at night before midnight. Because most people tend to be busy during the day, men most often request massage in the evening, so I’m often available in the afternoon even on short notice. Few things say, “This is my day off,” quite like getting massage in the afternoon, so if you have free time, consider asking me for massage then.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel

I began using Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel back in October 2015, and I’ve been using it ever since. I spend less time reapplying it and more time actually giving massage, and I stay more focused and “in the zone.” Biotone considers the gel hypoallergenic, partly because the oils it contains are seed oils and a modified coconut oil, rather than nut oils, to which people more often react. The gel is also lightweight and odorless, and any excess washes off of skin easily with just warm water.

“The Closest to Heaven”

A few days ago, while I was massaging a man’s back and legs, he said suddenly, “This is the closest to Heaven I think I’ll ever be.” I would be embarrassed to make this up, but it’s what he actually said, as nearly as I can remember. I’m grateful for such strong praise.

Working with Feeling

I allow myself to develop real emotion as I work and to “put feeling” into my strokes. From men’s comments and their written testimonials, my work seems have improved over the last few months. Working with feeling and somehow letting the feeling show seem to be what’s making the experience better.


I was in Lafayette on Friday and Saturday, Baton Rouge and Hammond on Sunday, and New Orleans on Monday. I expect to be New Orleans tomorrow (Wednesday) and again on Thursday. Right now, I just take a request in a particular city and then look for other opportunities for service in the same city.

If I had easy access to an inexpensive place to stay in a given city, I think I would plan trips of maybe two or three days and announce them ahead of time. To make a circuit of all four cities every few days might be best of all, although many things would have to come together for that work.