I’m going to Lafayette today and am still available to give this evening.

Asking for massage when I’ll already be in town works out especially well. But it’s just a short trip, and I’m happy to come over for you whenever I’m available. Don’t be shy!


Yesterday evening, I returned to Baton Rouge early and gave massage to a man at the Hotel Indigo. Today, I’m still available later this afternoon and this evening. Tomorrow, I expect to give massages at 4:00 and 7:00 in Metairie and Kenner. Saturday afternoon, I expect to give massage to a man in Lafayette. If you’re anywhere within reach, I’ll be happy to give you massage, too.


I was in Lafayette on Friday and Saturday, Baton Rouge and Hammond on Sunday, and New Orleans on Monday. I expect to be New Orleans tomorrow (Wednesday) and again on Thursday. Right now, I just take a request in a particular city and then look for other opportunities for service in the same city.

If I had easy access to an inexpensive place to stay in a given city, I think I would plan trips of maybe two or three days and announce them ahead of time. To make a circuit of all four cities every few days might be best of all, although many things would have to come together for that work.