About JD’s Hands, Male Massage for Men

My contact information for text and email is on my pages at MasseurFinder for M4M massage in southeastern Louisiana and M4M massage in the New Orleans area.

I’ve been offering massage to men as a service since June 2014. Giving massage puts me in a warm, caring mood, and in a way, I often feel I’m at my best while giving massage.

I help any man, 18 years or older, who wants a good, long, relaxing massage. So far, I’ve worked on men in their mid-20s to early 80s and of every major race. Some of the men to whom I give massage weigh twice as much as me, and that’s all right; I work well with heavy men, and I’m glad to help you.

Mobile Service

My massage service is entirely mobile; I come to your home or hotel room, rather than your coming to me. Besides Baton Rouge, I make round trips to other cities by request, often even on short notice. Hammond, Lafayette, New Orleans, Slidell, and the communities along I-10 and I-12 are all in my area. (If you live in the New Orleans area, and you need service in studio, I can recommend a man who gives massage in a studio in his home.)

My Massage

My massage itself is a relaxing hour and a half, and with a short setup beforehand and pickup afterward, a visit is usually about two hours, all told. (My rates are “per massage,” rather than “per hour,” so you don’t have to think about time very much while enjoying your massage.)

I work on all the major muscles from neck to toes, paying attention to signs that you’d prefer more pressure or less, or that more time is needed here or there. You’ll feel the attention and care I give my work. I enjoy giving massage, and you’ll feel the difference it makes.

Bed or table?

I’ve given almost every massage on a bed. I do keep a Sierra Comfort portable table in my vehicle, but I’ve needed it maybe half a dozen times out of hundreds of massages. Almost all the men I’ve served prefer massage on a bed, which besides being comfortable for you, allows me to work from any position and to make good use of my light weight (about 150 lbs or 70 kg). Before we begin, I’ll show you how to lie comfortably while lying face down on the bed.

For massage in your home, I bring two fresh sheets to give the bed two layers of protection from oil, and I bring hand towels to keep everything neat.

For massage in your hotel room, you can trust hotel staff to know how to launder bed linens and towels! Still, if your hotel has been generous with bath towels, you can use one to protect the sheets or bedspread.

My Massage Oil

Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel, my massage oil, feels very light weight, and a little goes a long way. It has a barely noticeable “shower fresh” aroma that dissipates quickly. It’s hypo-allergenic, partly because it contains seed oils instead of nut oils. After massage, the excess washes off easily under warm water, even without soap.

Clothing and Draping

Clothing and draping are especially important for women’s sake when they’re present, whether to give massage or to receive it. In private, some men prefer simple nudity. In your own home or hotel room, we’ll do whatever feels safe and comfortable for you.

Music for Massage

Instrumental music is usually better than vocal music for massage, because the presence of other voices make a massage less peaceful. I have playlists of classical guitar, piano, and ambient music (by Brian Eno), and I have a high-quality Bluetooth speaker from which to play them. You can choose the music or leave the choice to me. If you have your own relaxing music, you’re welcome to play it.

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