If you wonder about the safety of meeting, then I hope you’ll be reassured by the news that I’ve already had the virus. My symptoms began with a “scratchy” throat during the night of June 29-30. I was intensely chilled for two or three days and had a “dry” cough for a few days. It was difficult to draw a deep breath for a few days, because of a strange sensation in my chest and a strong urge to cough whenever I tried to draw a deep breath. Already by July 5, I felt much better, although for many days thereafter, I lacked the energy to do anything but rest. But by about July 15, I had recovered fully.

I don’t know whether having already had the virus means I’m now fully immune to it. However, I think you’ll also feel reassured by knowing that I enjoy a quiet way of life and tend to stay out of crowds in any case. And although I’m no “expert,” I take nutritional supplements that some people think support the body’s immune systems, including vitamin D3, vitamin C, and zinc.

I won’t try to tell you what you should do. I’ll just offer you these reassurances and invite you to do what seems good. Sooner or later, I hope to have the opportunity to give you massage!

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