Troubleshooting Our Communication

Have I given you massage before? Are you seeking massage again? Have you sent several messages to me but received no reply?

A few times in the past few months, men to whom I’ve given massage previously have sent me a message, some weeks or months later, to ask if I’m available to give massage again. I reply to say that I’m available; however, I can tell that the man doesn’t receive my replies, because he asks again, and sometimes again.

When one blocks a number, one can easily forget that one has done so, because one can still send messages to the person whose number one has blocked. The person whose number has been blocked can still receive the messages, and he can still send replies. It’s merely that one’s own phone (or service provider) blocks one’s own receipt of messages from the person whose number is blocked.

Please don’t block my number and then forget that you’ve blocked it. I don’t understand the need for such a precaution in the first place. I understand men’s need for privacy, and I’ll never intentionally be intrusive. If you just want to be doubly sure of not being interrupted by someone, then just turn off the audible notifications and ringer for his number in his contact entry.

I’m looking at you, Carlos. I was glad to receive your message and would have been glad to give you massage this evening. I’m still looking forward to giving you massage the next time you ask, if you’ll just unblock my number, so I can reply to you.