Warmth in Winter

Opportunities to give massage have held up surprisingly well in the late fall and the holiday season, and I’ll be glad if you keep me working hard all through the winter.

To help us both keep warm in wintertime, I warm my oil and my hands in hot water before beginning massage. One of the reasons I prefer to use the oil-based Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel rather than a water-based lotion is that the moisture in a lotion evaporates and can make one feel chilly, while an oil helps the skin to remain warm by decreasing the evaporation of the skin’s own moisture. Some men receiving massage have asked whether the oil I use has something in it that warms the skin, and I think this blocking of moisture loss produces the warming effect that they feel. The first thing I do as we begin massage is to spread a thin layer of oil on the back and legs, partly to keep the skin warmer in the way I just described. Since I usually work on feet near the end of the massage, wearing socks or covering your feet through most of the massage works well to keep your feet warmer.

About the temperature of the room, please do whatever will be comfortable for you. You surely don’t need to overheat a room for my sake; in fact, if I feel a little chilly before I begin, the air usually feels just right while I work. Men often remark on the heat I generate as I give massage, so count on my hands as well to keep you warm in winter.

Here are quick links to more information about my massage.


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