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With a mild caution, here are Photos of Me as I Gave a Friend Massage, taken in May 2018.

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Troubleshooting Our Communication

Have I given you massage before? Are you seeking massage again? Have you sent several messages to me but received no reply?

A few times in the past few months, men to whom I’ve given massage previously have sent me a message, some weeks or months later, to ask if I’m available to give massage again. I reply to say that I’m available; however, I can tell that the man doesn’t receive my replies, because he asks again, and sometimes again.

When one blocks a number, one can easily forget that one has done so, because one can still send messages to the person whose number one has blocked. The person whose number has been blocked can still receive the messages, and he can still send replies. It’s merely that one’s own phone (or service provider) blocks one’s own receipt of messages from the person whose number is blocked.

Please don’t block my number and then forget that you’ve blocked it. I don’t understand the need for such a precaution in the first place. I understand men’s need for privacy, and I’ll never intentionally be intrusive. If you just want to be doubly sure of not being interrupted by someone, then just turn off the audible notifications and ringer for his number in his contact entry.

I’m looking at you, Carlos. I was glad to receive your message and would have been glad to give you massage this evening. I’m still looking forward to giving you massage the next time you ask, if you’ll just unblock my number, so I can reply to you.

Male Massage for Men in Baton Rouge

I give massage to men who are comfortable letting a guy give them massage. I serve men who prefer to stay in for massage, rather than go to a studio or spa, and those who need massage after hours, when everything is closed up. As I sometimes say, “I bring the spa to you,” but I like to make everything simple, convenient, and friendly.

Within the Baton Rouge area, since I don’t have to drive far to meet, I’m often available even on pretty short notice. And because I don’t have to think much of trip-related and car-related expenses, I can keep my fee low in the Baton Rouge area.

Men visiting Baton Rouge may be glad to know that, although of course the high-end and mid-range hotels are lovely, I’m happy to serve men staying in “budget-friendly” accommodations, too. If you have to choose between luxurious accommodations and massage, I hope you’ll choose massage.

Here are links to much that you may want to know about my M4M massage service; my phone number (for text, preferably) is at the bottom of the “About” page.

Self-Consciousness When Thinking of Massage

I worry that some men miss an opportunity to enjoy massage, or that they put off asking for one indefinitely, because they feel self-conscious about some aspect of their appearance. Some men, when they first ask me about massage,  offer me a description of themselves, giving me “stats” such as their age and weight. They even ask sometimes, “Is that okay?” I always reply, “Yes, it’s fine.” And sometimes, to help to put someone more at ease, I tell him that the oldest man to whom I’ve ever given massage is in his mid-eighties, and the heaviest man to whom I’ve ever given massage weighed 460 lbs. I serve many men for whom working at a desk or frequent traveling has made it difficult to keep weight in check. It’s all right; in fact, it’s more than all right. Men who have held heavy responsibility for decades deserve a good massage as much as any athlete, and I enjoy serving you. Here, have a massage.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! My availability to give massage on Christmas Eve and Christmas is pretty limited, but I’ll surely be available beginning the day after Christmas. Have a look at my page “About JD’s Hands, Male Massage for Men,” which includes my contact information at the bottom of the page. You can also find links to most everything of importance about me and my massage service in the “Quick Links” post. Send me a message to let me know when you’d like massage.

Warmth in Winter

Opportunities to give massage have held up surprisingly well in the late fall and the holiday season, and I’ll be glad if you keep me working hard all through the winter.

To help us both keep warm in wintertime, I warm my oil and my hands in hot water before beginning massage. One of the reasons I prefer to use the oil-based Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel rather than a water-based lotion is that the moisture in a lotion evaporates and can make one feel chilly, while an oil helps the skin to remain warm by decreasing the evaporation of the skin’s own moisture. Some men receiving massage have asked whether the oil I use has something in it that warms the skin, and I think this blocking of moisture loss produces the warming effect that they feel. The first thing I do as we begin massage is to spread a thin layer of oil on the back and legs, partly to keep the skin warmer in the way I just described. Since I usually work on feet near the end of the massage, wearing socks or covering your feet through most of the massage works well to keep your feet warmer.

About the temperature of the room, please do whatever will be comfortable for you. You surely don’t need to overheat a room for my sake; in fact, if I feel a little chilly before I begin, the air usually feels just right while I work. Men often remark on the heat I generate as I give massage, so count on my hands as well to keep you warm in winter.

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A Testimonial by Mike

Mike, a man who lives between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and to whom I’ve given massage about half a dozen times, wrote the testimonial that follows. It sat in my inbox for a long time, and I think I waited before posting it, out of something like shyness. I’m grateful to Mike for taking time to write — and for accentuating the positive!

JD was my first experience with a male massage and has definitely outdone any massage I’ve ever had. His strong but soft hands and intuition on parts of my body that needed extra attention are second to none. There is no clock watching and he ensures that you are comfortable throughout the time he spends with you. A complete professional to say the least at his craft. I’ve never felt so comfortable and relaxed as I do when I’ve received massages from JD. The music choices are fantastically relaxing as well! Do yourself a favor and schedule JD for a massage experience you will not regret. He will have you in a place of euphoria by the end of his visit. I’ve had multiple massages from him and will continue to schedule as many as I can in the future!!

If you like what Mike has to say, find out more about my massage service for men.